New RPG project

Hi guys! First, let me introduce myself. I am marinesquirel, I have been programming in C++ since 2005 and work at a tech company. On my spare time I live stream game-play. For the last few years I’ve noticed that there are only 3 or 4 good RPG’s out there that quench my story telling needs and those games go fast in the story line and their sequels minutely change if at all based on the previous games.

That being said I decided to make my own RPG series. The series is called the Vakker Chronicles. It is about a world that fell hundreds of years ago due to a great war. Monsters started to come out of the no where and target the human race. There is only one city after the monsters destroyed every thing the war didn’t. This will be a 3 game series and the choices you make truly will effect the future games. For instance, in the first game humans don’t know they can use magic. You will need to make a comment on whether it would be cool to learn, or magic should be left with the elves. This single choice will keep you from being able to learn magic in the second and third game. Another choice is trade in small villages and markets that you visit in your journey. You not making trade or doing a side quest to help the gather food or protect the village will completely decimate that village in the future, or help the village flourish in the future games. Your choices in the game will literally change the entire story line in the game as you progress in one game to the other. This game is currently in planning phase, but I wanted to see what others thought of the idea.

That sounds cool man, any screenshots?

Not yet, it’s still in story development. As soon as I do I’ll make sure to post.