New Retarget Source

Hello everyone
I’m currently working with character animation and I really want (and suppose you too) reimport animation sequence on second identical skeletal mesh.
Basically I use 3ds max to assing these animations to human bones without mesh then I export as FBX and I import this thing into editor.

But before I made this Skieletal Mesh with Blueprints class, AnimBP etc.
And I just want add new animation which I imported from 3ds max on another assingied skeletal (bones) which are the same bones.

I mean everything what I talking about it’s one Skeletal mesh, right?
And I want add only Animation Seqence into existing Skeletal Mesh in Editor.
So I imported to 3ds max the same skieletal and bones (like in Editor) to assign another (new) single animation and add to exisiting skeletal mesh in Editor.
I think it should work if developers of UE4 will add Animation Retarget Source option, and of cource if we work with one Skeletal Mesh all the time, like me.