New Resource Harvesting

I’ve created three new resources (gold, silver, copper), and a pick that is suppose to be the only thing that can harvest it from metal nodes. How do I make it do this? The server this mod is for is for a custom map, too… It’s driving me crazy trying to figure it out, as the rest of the mod is done. I’m very new to this and some of the help I’ve been getting is vague for me. If there is a tutorial or video out there for this I would love to find it! Thanks!

I would suggest looking at the current pick and axe and seeing how they are setup. I would assume it would be a resource BP with a child made for the rocks and metal nodes (or whatever). I havent done this, but, the work flow would suggest to that. Look at whats already there and see how its done.

Easiest way to do it and keep it clean is use the “Override Damage Harvest Entries” on the weapons damage type

Thanks! I did this (as far as I know…DevKit verifying) and the pick only gathers stone…

You must have something set wrong because I know 100% for a fact this works. I’m using it in several mods. You’ll need to set it up for multiple components since there are multiple components for each resource type. I am only showing one in the pic above.


You’re probably testing on a rock using a different component than you have overridden. Open the pick harvest component and compare the settings vs yours. You need to create an entry for each harvest component type.

This what I have so far (minus the extra ones below. I still want metal to be harvestable, but not stone, which is ironically the only thing I am getting…)

You have the “Override Quantity Min” set to 0.
0 = 0 metal harvested…

Pretty sure that controls how much you get per swing. IE: set min to 3 and max to 3 and you’ll get 3 metal per swing.

For the DmgType Parent…what should that be linking to? Because its still just getting stone from metal rocks…

It is itself

Ah ha! Yes, that was the catch. I was linking that to the vanilla file. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s working now! Thank you! :smiley:

I’m attempting to use this strategy to make a damage type that only gathers seeds, rare flowers, and rare mushrooms. It works, however I want the rare flowers and mushrooms to only be harvestable from appropriate biomes (swamp and mountain). I have SeedHarvestComponent (SHC) set up for seeds. I have SeedHarvestComponent_Swamp set for seeds + rare flowers/mushrooms/species x seeds. It seems that the SeedHarvestComponent entry completely overrides the SeedHarvestComponent_Swamp entry and does not allow for gathering of flowers/etc.

I’m guessing this is because _Swamp is a child of the first. However, as far as I know, SHC controls most of the regular bushes and is therefore a needed entry. Anyone have a workaround for this? Or know what I’m doing wrong?

Edit: Nevermind. I figured it out. Order is important (Swamp/Mountain has to be above normal SHC).