New Released android game example . Android games are absolutely doable with UE4



Do anyone have solution how to drastically reduce build size ?

Also I wonder how to preload actors to avoid that small pause caused when actor is first time spawned on android. I’ve tryed asyncload asset but it looks like it doesnt help with that.


I was shocked when I found this yesterday, and I got my app from 1.5GB TO 200 MB!

Just dont do the last bit where he says “dangerous”

Ouhhhh, i ll check it, I was looking on that link & saw this blog,
Half of theese things i did in my build, but i saw there are a few more thing that should be disabled, like plugins and more more. Thx :slight_smile:

No problem!

Also do try and delete big assets that are not really used or seen while playing.
ALSO set all your textures to fully rough/Directional light option disable/precise reflection enable!(All this is in material, i did this for all mats in my game)

Looks good. Congrats on the launch.

So, how much where you able to compress your game?!

Sure. It comes down to asset-optimization:

  1. Check textures and use “LOD Bias” wherever you can. Basically this limits the highest mipmaps of a texture packaged into a game.
    For example: You have a 1024x1024 texture for a small object that maybe takes up 128 pixel in game. You don’t need such a large texture for that object.
    So for each time you increase LOD Bias by one, a texture will jump down a mip and just have like 1/4th of the size it had before :wink:
    This means if you have 400mb of textures and jump down a mip on each you will end up with lower quality and 100mb textures.
    Of course the most important part here is to not mess the quality up completely. :wink: :wink:
    The Option “NoMipmaps” for UI can also safe around 1/3 of space/texture, because mipmaps will increase the texture size by 33% Use this only for UI textures and import them in the right resolution. It makes no sense importing a 512x512 texture for something small like a single Character that will take 20pixels of screensize :wink:

  2. Limit Meshes LODs. You probably don’t need 4 different LODs for a mobile game… :wink:

  3. Sound Compression quality might also help a little if you are high on sound.

  4. Check all the Bundle Split options

  5. Use a Pak-Blacklist file

  6. Right packaging settings

  7. Precomputed stuff like visibility, lightmass can be huge, too :wink:

I think those are the most important things :slight_smile:

Hey Tankbustergames,

you talk about app bundle, but when I try to select this option, my game does not package, it fails when signing, which is weird because if I do not select this, my game packages fine, if you have any idea what could go wrong or if you have had this issue yourself, I would love to hear how you fixed it,

Many thanks,

That’s strange. I think you have a valid keystore file to sign the app, right?
Make sure your keystore data is set up correctly in the project settings. No typo or anything like that. The keystore file should be placed in ProjectFolder\Build\Android.

The unreal bundle option worked for me without any complications, but here is a manual how to bundle it manually using android studio:
Android App Bundle - Android Development - Unreal Engine Forums

I have used this previously for an app and it worked as well.
Hope this will help you


Thanks a lot for the link, I have not found this link, only android studio tutorial.

All is setup correctly in the settings, but I have just seen that it is for games of 150mb or less, mine is for now 300mb(fully optimised and compressed unfortunately).

So it does not seem I can do this option but thanks!

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