New Recipes for existing structure possible?

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if it’s possible to add new recipes for existing structures (for example the forge)?

I tried to see if I can find the existing recipes but had no luck, neither in the BP of forge nor in it’s structure. Where would I find that?

Would I need to create a new Forge (by making a child of Forge) in order to get this to work in a clean way or is it possible to add recipes to the existing forge in a clean non-intrusive way?

Thank a lot in advance for any pointers!

Have you looked at the Additional sections of the PrimalGameData file? Additional Structure Engrams I believe.

You can use that or you can do it nasty with remapping, but then you have a less stack friendly mod and need to advertise you do rempas.

Thanks for responding Akukiyo!

That’s not quite what I’m looking for though. The additional engrams section I know and have used before. But if I for example would like to produce a new item inside the Smithy, where would I have to register my recipe in order for it to show inside the standard smithy? I would like to avoid having to create a new smity just for an additional recipe (nobody would want to place a second or third smithy into their base just to craft a couple additional items). Is there a way or would I have to really create my own smithy? I also have no interest in remapping anything. After all, I avoid installing such mods myself, I don’t expect most users are interested in such mods.

What @Akukiyo said is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s an array used for adding blueprints to vanilla structures.

Perhaps you’re confusing Additional Structures to Place or Additional Blueprint Engram Classes with this array?


Use the filter tab to search for things, like the additional lists.

And don’t mistake what they all do, as they are very important to use and work with.

Oh, sorry about that. You’re absolutely right…I’ve mistaken it for the “Additional Engram Blueprint Classes” :o

I will have to have a look at these when I get home! Thank you very much for pointing me to those!

So I assume, if I specify my item as (e.g. to be crafted inside Smithy) and add its engram to that list, that would pretty much sufice without touching the Smithy itself?

That was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you! :slight_smile:

If I may, I would like to bother you with another question. :slight_smile: Is it possible to create multiple recipes (engrams) that end up creating the same item but with different resources?

The item recipe is the item data, the whole item, so you can’t make different recipes into the same item, but you can make the recipe give item on use, to give you another item.

search give in the primalitemstructure_bp

oh ok, so “give item on use” is not what happens when the item literally is used (as in the player toolbar)?

No, it specifically is what happens when you click USE ITEM.

Ah ok. Not sure that’s what I need. But maybe let me describe in more detail what I was trying to accomplish. I wanted to make it possible to smelt down tools back into ingots.
So I figured, I maybe could add that possibility to the Forge somehow. So one could throw a broken tool (or an extra tool) into the forge and it would be smelted into the ingots that were used to make it (or maybe a bit less than that).

From what I saw yesterday, I guess I would have to make a new Forge so I could add all the metal tools to be allowed inside the forge, correct?
Then I would add a new version of a Metal ingot (parented to Metal ingot) with crafting resources being the tool that needs to be smelted. If I now could have configured this to actually create a real metal ingot and not just a child of it, that would have been perfect, so they all stack together. Is there a way to define what item to create instead of the Blueprint item (similiar to “give item on use”, but not by using it)?
Could one maybe check “do not actually create item” (or whatever that’s called) and isn’t there a “also give item” where I could provide the real Metal Ingot?

You can do all those things and more, and you can use graphs to make it a little less messy, but you don’t want to make 2,000 ingots and use “give item on use” otherwise a player has to actively use all 2,000 of them =. You can use spoil to spoil into a normal metal ingot or other items. or you can make a bag/box that holds any items you want they just grab it place it and empty it.

Excellent! Thanks Akukiyo! For now, I’ll probably go with the spoiling idea. The graph approach would be cool, but I’m still trying to figure the graphs out.