new prototype - Worlds of Bubbles

Hey guys. Recently I’ve worked with C++ code making gravity on planets and generating worlds procedurally. Here is first prototpe.

What do You think about this idea?

Looks cool. Keep it up.

Yeah I will. I hope idea is fresh with this shape of planets and gravity like that.

Very Interesting implementation.

You’re definitely onto something! Keep it up!

Would you consider releasing a playable demo?

Yes of course. In next month I will release MMO paint version with only option to modify blocks.

Thx for feedback

Very cool! Would be nice to have the SpaceShip be affected by the planet gravity. It least with a specific rotation! (:
Hope to see more!

I can align ship to every planet and apply gravity but it may be confusing for players. I am doing it only for main characeter and AICharacters like the cow. I explain it that spaceship has anti gravity field and can stand in one place.

This is super cool! Looking forward to seeing more.

WOW, thx. I am working on multiplayer right now. I will give predefined shapes as well for people to create their own worlds. After 1-2 months of server testing I will start making exploration/crafting game. Hope You will enjoy it. Stay tuned! :slight_smile: