New prophunt game in UE4 was steam greenlit!

Well hello Unreal forum!! We built a prophunt game in UE4, and wanted to post everything about it here!

Already given a big thumbs up by community idols such as Cartoonz, Ohmwrecker, H20 Delirious and Bryce Games(videos below)

Rogue Operatives is an indie prophunt game in Early Access. It was Steam greenlit for $4.99USD, and when you buy it we’ve decided to give all updates for life, even if we decide to increase the price!

Join the Rogues, disguising themselves as harmful items such as rakes, buckets, fire extinguishers and haybails then hiding in plain sight from their former comrades.

Or, join the Operatives. Whos only mission is to seek our the Rogues, and eliminate them by any means necessary!

Both sides must be vigilant, however, as traps are laid throughout each map and can be triggered without notice.

In current development, the game has 7 multiplayer maps and 2 singleplayer maps. Singleplayer tournaments are hosted on a biweekly basis and leaderboard heroes get amazing prizes such as giftcards to steam! We have 10 props per map you can disguise as, at any moment, by hitting a number key to change. You can also taunt with Q as a prop. Quite fun to mess with people!

[h1]Future Development includes:[/h1]** -Lobby Leaderboards(ingame and on our website)

-Blitzkrieg Mode, where props can detonate killing themselves and anyone within 5ft.

-Bunker Buster; NPC Blitzkrieg props attack your bunker in waves, how long can you survive?

-CUSTOM USER CONTENT! Thats right, we want the community to be creative with us!

-Continuous balancing and improvements from listening to our community and discord.**

[h1]Check out our steampage and get involved in Early Access! Remember, all future updates are included for life, no additional money will ever be charged for the main game![/h1]

Videos and Community Links!


Cartoonz Gameplay: Rogue Operatives | A NEW GMOD PROP HUNT? (w/ H2O Delirious, Bryce, & Ohmwrecker) - YouTube can find Delirious and Bryce’s gameplay under the same link(they all played together)

Lady Lexy xox Gameplay: Rogue Operatives - Attack Of The Props (w/ Devs) - YouTube fun group of people, played against us!

[h1] CHECK OUT THE GAME HERE![/h1]Rogue Operatives Hide and Seek on Steam