New project

I was going to do a new project in UE4 about the Second World War. There will be a choice of companies: the Allies and the USSR. The action begins in the autumn of 41, when the Soviet and American command decided to create a detachment “Storm”, respectively. This is the squad you need to play for. You hire fighters of different experience and after passing the companies of more advanced members, with the opportunity to improve their skills. A lot of infantry will be available, different weapons and appearance. There will be equipment, infantry, aviation, artillery, etc. (but this will be in the game itself, there are only infantry in the squad) and a lot of locations. First-person view with switching to the rear view. It is possible to switch to all members of the group. The player is waiting for interesting tasks in different parts of the world of a historical event.
please write what you think =)

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And why doesn’t the foliage of the trees cast shadows, by the way?

I would highly recommend using some free military CGTrader assets, at least for your prototype. Maybe try a Quixel (it doesn’t have to be Quixel) tree instead to see if your mesh is affecting the shadows. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cool Art Style and Stop Animation Look. Reminds of the Style like in Chicken Run. I want to do something like Robot Chicken with all these mixed matched Marketplace Assets i have. LOL.

Keep up the Awesome Work!

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Do you recommend using it because mine is bad?

Are you laughing at my project?

From what I see in the video, there isn’t anything about the gameplay you described, so maybe you want suggestions about the graphics. In my opinion there’s a lot to improve, maybe you can search how to make a stylized graphics, which can look definitely better than this, or you can use some Quixel assets if you want to aim on a more realistic graphic style.
Animations have problems too, because as you can see from the video, the gun is not well-attached to the character, and the animations don’t feel so good, but if this is one of your first projects, it’s not that bad, just fix the gun attachment.
I don’t know if this frame rate is caused by your PC or the game which is completely non-optimized, if it’s the second one, then there are some great Unreal lives about optimization and profiling.
Finally, sorry for my English or if my explanation isn’t clear, but if you have further questions, ask me!

No I’m not laughing. You have something unique there. Keep going with it.

From what I do, I understand that I need to be engaged in cartoons or in comics, realism does not work in any way. Only everyone laughs at my characters. They really look very funny. And I personally like realism more. It is very cool. I don’t want to make funny games. I want to be very realistic. But apparently only given to me to do cartoons.

I cannot model that great myself so i do what I’m good at ‘kitbash’ & program procedural generation systems. That’s why I develop Sci-fi and Fantasy because I define what the realism is. If I need modern realism, I use others models that look more realistic like DAZ3D, Metahuman, marketplace assets.

Do what your good at and practice doing what your not good at till you are. I personally think you’re on to something unique. I do not know if your style was deliberate or accidental. But, there have been Accidents that have changed the world.