New Project Type

Hi, I’m new and wondering what type of project template would best fit a game where there is no avatar. Something like Sim City or Faster Than Light where you give orders and the sprites do things on their own. Does that make sense?

Thanks for the help!

Perhaps, Blank project?

Sounds like an RTS to me.

But the templates aren’t the end-all be-all type thing, but they do a good job of showing you how to get started on the basic game types and for most end up being a decent starting point for the quick and dirty game.

However, I think its better to start with Blank projects and learn how to set it up yourself so you can learn how everything works. You will thank yours

Right on. Thanks fellas

Take a look at the strategy game, it’s already doing most of what you describe.

That sounds about right. I’m trying to get the mouse cursor to be the main form of interaction but i can’t seem to get away from the first person w,a,s,d format.

I don’t see strategy game in the ‘new project’ list. Is it in marketplace or someplace else?


Yes, it is on the Marketplace. Take a look at the Complete Projects section.

Once you download it from the Marketplace > Complete Projects section you can clone it for your own projects, but id suggest you pick and pull what you need, as it does a lot and might be too much for a novice to take in immediately.

Thanks @Robert Khalikov =)

You’re welcome!