New Project templates with weird names and without description

Hello, this isn’t a very important issue, but today i installed Unreal Engine 4.1.0 on Windows and when i choose the option to create a New Project the templates have weird names and don’t have description, like this:

When i create the project it appears to work fine, but i’m curious if i did something wrong, because on Mac i don’t have this problem. Thanks

well, the screenshot looks fine :slight_smile: Why you don’t show us the “weird” screenshot of the windows problem?

Thanks, this is a known issue that has already been fixed for 4.2.

For more information, see this question: New Project tooltips - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums

This is the first time it appeared TP_something, everytime i ran on mac and on the videos i saw always ha title like “First person template (blueprints)” followed by a description of what it does.

Thank you for the information and i apologize for the duplicate.