New project not working correctly , can't idenitfy issue

HI all,

I have a new project for some testing and unable to get game to run correct, because pressing play does not focus on player location on terrain, I’m just presented with a straight shot from n ear top of the terrain peaks. I checked for similarity in a working project and I don’t immediately see any differences.

Btw neglected to mention, this is simply the 3rd person project BP, not c++ .

Using 4.10.4

Thx anyone


is the level using the right gamemode?

Yes its in the same mode my main project is which is why this is a bit odd.

I’ve checked all the settings that seem relevant ( details panel) and I’m not seeing anything that would affect that.

I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense , but anyway I"ll keep checking here and if you have any further ideas I"d appreciate it.


Is that location where your camera is spawning at 0,0,0 coordinates (XYZ) ?

The camera is attached, its right behind the player so yes.

I should have noted in original post, that on play and after clicking LMB, I can’t rotate camera or move .

I’ve never had this happen so if I accidentally ticked something, I don’t know what it is.


I guess things changed since 4.9 given that’s where I started the other project , 3 months old now.

Very odd, if I choose right click play from here, no character shows up, and view is locked , mouse movement has no effect stays on area of terrain , frozen till I hit escape, and if I click playerstart and right click > move here and press play same problem. Only works if I do nothing and press play , then everything is fine.

I just make a new 3rd person to test something out, and deleted a few things I didn’t need from content and then this yet I’ve had no trouble since day one on the older project.

Did something change from 4.9 to 4.10.4 mandating we work with 3rd person differently ?

OK, I’m beginning to wonder if the terrain somehow didn’t load right or ue4 didn’t like it, as sometimes what I above doesn’t work in one area of map vs another.

When I press play, knowing full well where playerstart is, out in OPen large area of map, pressing play has playerstart , startup in mountainous areas, nowhere near playerstart at all, THEN as I got forward on one particular area as its going down here and player jumps, the player just disappears as if it went through a portal , game freezes as in zero mouse movement of anykind so I have to hit escape.

Just a FYI to above comment, getting stranger and stranger as it goes.

I got no loading errors on this terrain so this is really odd ( I realize), inconsistent.


Go to world settings and set kill z to -9999999.0