New project crash 4.25.3

Did anyone build a game for Android with min sdk 21 and target sdk 29, using UE 4.25.3? It’s been a while I’m still trying to figure out why it’s not working, because every project I make it’s crashing after the splash screen. Even if I create a new fresh project, it’s not working. The strange thing is that I have a game in development and that game it’s the only one it’s working. I can compile and it’s running on every device. My other project is gone. I can’t make it work even if I change the target sdk to 28 or something else. I’ve re-installed my Windows, UE4 a few times, Android Studio a few times but still nothing. A fresh project it’s working only if I set target sdk to 28.

I have the same project, in my case sometimes the game frezees on the splash screen and other times before the splash screen the game crashes

Hi. It’s your project created in 4.25? Or it’s a project created in 4.24? Some of my projects created in 4.24 are not working anymore ( crashing after splash screen) and the new projects created in 4.25 with target sdk 29 are not working also. The crash is the same