New project 1st or 3rd person?

I’m a long time lurker around here and have finally come to the point that I’m ready to begin my first real project.

That being said, I’ve already run into my first question that I would like to get out of the way before starting in. I’m wanting to start a blueprint project that will eventually be a 1st AND 3rd person game. I would think that it shouldn’t really matter which template I start with, but I’m going to guess that there is someone out there that has experience with this and would have reasons why it’s better to start with one over the other. My knee jerk reaction is to start a 3rd person template and modify things to accommodate the FP mode, but I’m open to every angle that’s available… please school me!

Thanks in advance!

What is real?

How can you define real?

I’ll bite… I’ve played around with various things in terms of importing and adjusting various parameters, etc. I plan on this being my base. So by that, I say “real”. I hope that helps.

Personal preference / individual ability is probably the all deciding factor here…
But overall a FP char w/ projectile weapon its less work than TP swordplay imo.

So with that said, humanoid / monster 3rd-Person difficulty level is a 10/10 imo.
(Animations / Rigging + high overall gamer expectations for superior TP quality).

Whereas that can drop to 3-5 if the TP character is actually a spaceship / vehicle.
Otherwise First Person can even go as low as 2-3, it just depends on the details.

Obviously if you buy a TP character off the marketplace things will be far easier.
But then you have the problem of differentiating your game from others like it…

Start with empty project. Templates usually help just as much as they mess up (compared to what you want).

So start with empty project then follow tutorial (or doc) about setting up character.

3rd person characters require way more animations and time than a 1st person character.
One of the greatest games around, Half-Life, was in first person. I think that was one of the reasons.

Good points all the way around. Thanks for the input… I might just have a go at a blank template like you suggest, Nawrot. I had a suspicion that the visual and aiming mechanics don’t really mesh when going back and forth from a template FP to a template TP, so starting from scratch might be a better way to go.

At any rate, I know I’m on the right path… I started dreaming about this stuff last night. Made for a long night, but that tells me that it’s at least starting to sink in. Lol!

I’m a noob but I like third person games first person games make me feel sick and dizzy.

As you said - doesnt really matter-

You could always create both and migrate the relevant assets from one to another…and the njust have both in same project.

Could have FPS map/gamemode/character in folder 00FPS and TPS map/gamemode/character in 00TPS.

Use world settings on map to specify which gamemode,playercontroller,character, etc…

Most multiplayer games run TP and FP, like CoD and Unreal Tournament.
FP for the player who’s possessing the pawn and TP for everyone looking at another pawn.
They achieve this by simply hiding one depending on the conditions.

Well if you go 1st person you will still need the matching 3rd person assets. An option is to go 2.5 perspective using the 3rd person player model also called true 1st person. (as in the perspective camera is placed relative to the eye level of the 1st person using the 3rd person player model)

I’ve also discovered that some games out there have a “hack” sort of way of doing all this. It seems to me that it is maybe difficult to line up the weapon/s in a way that’s consistent with both views so they kind of cobble things together. I’ll probably try to go 3rd person assets and work hard at making 1st person work with it. I think once the mechanics are in place everything else will work out better.

Depends totally on what you are doing and the controls or gameplay style you want.

Just think of how you want the player to move through the game area. And what fits it best.
Like you wouldn’t want a third person game when stuck in a bunch of tight corridors.

Absolutely agree here! There are many frustrations in games, like the one you present here, that can and should be avoided. Seriously this is one of the least of my worries, but unfortunately one of the first to deal with.