New programmer looking to contribute to project, gain experience

Hello and greetings fellow nerds! I’m 6ixpool, would-be game designer extraordinaire!

I’m currently a full-time student who just got into this crazy wonderful world of game design less than a month ago. I’m new, teachable, and very very eager to learn! And don’t worry, I don’t need my hand held along the way. I’m a capable and creative programmer already. I really just want to take part in an actual development environment where I can interact with and learn from other talented, like-minded individuals!

-Solid familiarity with OOP and its core concepts
-Logically minded
-Quick and independent learner
-Natural problem-solver
-Great leadership skills
-Dashing good looks, wit, and charm (on occasion)

Applicable experience:
-Some experience modding Skyrim (mostly focusing on the design aspect rather than development)
-Some formal training with C# and Flash
-Approximately 30 days of fooling around with UE4
-A childhood wasted making my own Starcraft 1 maps (with functional scripting) using the bundled campaign editor
-Over 30 hours of UE4 youtube tutorials watched!

-Coming soon: A productive and highly valued contributor on YOUR project!
More about me:**
I have, much like the rest of you guys, always dreamed of making my very own game since I was a kid. Real life however quickly got in the way and I had to shelf that dream. I never let go though. I took every opportunity to learn the skill set necessary to achieve this dream; from taking programming courses as electives whenever available, to doing a creative writing workshop to make the games I eventually make that much more appealing.

Then along comes UE4 with its promise of open, community focused development. All for free. And with all the learning resources I could ever need online to boot! It was love at first sight. I HAD to get in on the action.

I quickly learned though that passion, if not channeled properly, is impotent at best and self destructive at worst. So now I come here looking for a channel to direct my passion and hopefully be able to contribute in the creation of something truly great.

Preferred role and limitations:
I’m a programmer at my core and have a mind for finding creative solutions to unusual problems using even the most basic of tools.

Other than programming, I also have other skills directly applicable to game development. I am familiar with Game Design and adept at drilling down into how mechanics interact to generate great gameplay. Moreover, I posses a working understanding of game theory and gamer psychology. I also believe in my heart of hearts (probably misguidedly) that I have a penchant for story telling.

My weakest areas are in art and animation. That said, I’d like to eventually be able to do a little bit of everything; from 3D modelling, to animation, heck maybe even sound design/engineering eventually down the line.
Current competencies:**
-Object oriented programming on an intermediate level (I’m more comfortable with blueprints ATM but I can read/reverse-engineer C++ code. Relearning coding on a console isn’t going to be a problem if necessary either).
-Intrinsic competency regarding game/gameplay design
-Proficiency with the English language
-Basic competency in story-telling and script writing
-Currently in the process of learning the basics of 3D modelling with Blender and Sculptris
-Drawing skills of a 5th grader
-Can kinda beatbox
-Drawing skills of a 5th grader
-No experience working in an actual development environment
-Only basic knowledge writing net/server code
-Currently only available for “contract/outsourcing work” as school will be taking up most of my time till the break.
-Time zone is GMT +8

Please contact me through PM on these forums for now if interested. Looking forward to contributing to your project soon!

I had an idea, you could showcase your map making skills by making some maps from the free infinity blade map asserts. If you base it for use in Shooters there is a good chance somebody will use it. In most cases there are more artists in a group then there are coders so if you focus on art it should be easier to gain some experience to add to a Portfolio.

I havent really gotten around to improving my level design skills unfortunately. If someone hands me their map though and tells me how they want the world to interact with the player (e.x. Setup the necessary code to make hazards hazardous, make it so that the player can start a forest fire, etc.) I would jump on the opportunity in a heart beat.

That said though, I’m planning on making a functional prototype of a game concept I"ve been mulling over in the near future. I simply don’t have the time to do so being bogged down by school at this moment.

PM sent :slight_smile:

I could definitely use you. I’m pretty much where you are at. I’m sure if we work together we can get something decent going! I’ve already started a project, it’s a multiplayer horror game. Actually quite a fun and good idea. If you want to check out my looking for help post: A Game of Haunting | A Multiplayer Horror Game

Would you help with blueprints my project? Look at my thread that has no replies in it!!! It’s about my demo!&p=601034#post601034

Hey, I need help with my sprint animation. The max walk speed keeps glitching. If you can I can show you on discord my problem, I feel this will be easier

I sent you a DM. Not sure if you’re still looking, but I could use your help, as I’m only an artist.

Are you interested in developing a single-player, open-world, medieval fantasy PC RPG with a dedicated volunteer, all-online Indie game development team?

If so, check out our team, Epoch Games, and our game The Lays of Althas: Sundered Order, at our website.

If you’re still looking, we have an open Game Designer (Unreal Engine Blueprint Scripter)](Epoch Games Game Designer (Unreal Engine Blueprint Scripter) | SmartRecruiters) position on our Team.

Hello there,

We are a small indie team that has been working on a new MMO title 'Rise of Titans" and are always looking to welcome some new team members to help us accomplish this big project. We have made incredible progress with completing the framework, map in development and putting together main features for the MMO. Depending on your interest there may be some great options for you to explore with us!

Please email me at [EMAIL=“”] for more information or you can message me through here as well. Either works!

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Hi. I’m making mobile game about archers. You can help to make this game.

set you a pm not sure if you got it.

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