[New Product] 2D and 3D visualization library, with VR integration


I am interested to know if there are any data scientists or business analysts out there who would like to see a 2D and 3D visualization toolkit integrated in UE4, and whether you would be willing to pay for it.

It would be nice if you could answer some questions:

[COLOR=#777777]I believe that data scientists, engineers and researchers can benefit from virtual reality technology in a visualization context. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#777777]1) What problems do you currently face when engaging with data visualization? Do you believe that making use of virtual reality could be beneficial to solving some of your problems?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#777777]2) What tools or systems do you use today to address this problem, if any? If not, is there a particular scenario that you would like to see?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#777777]3) I am developing an interactive data visualization application in virtual reality, that enables the use of interactive charts - both 2D and 3D, grouping, filtering and other features which also allows collaborative scenarios, designed to make the most out of your data. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#777777]4) Does this solution solve at least one problem, and do you have any ideas on how it could be improved?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#777777]5) Would you use this solution if it were free? What would you, or your institution, pay for the solution if we had it right now? Would you use it if we charged a monthly fee - say $200? How about $100? what about $50 ? Otherwise, would you use it if we charged a flat fee of $500? how about $300? What about $100?

If you wish to answer, it is better that you do so in a PM, as then your answers will not influence others.

Thank you for your interest & support.[/COLOR]