New Poser pro Game Dev .. Anyone got it? ( 50% off upgrades now )

This game dev version sounds very interesting with the 5GB Royalty Free content included that can be used in UE4.

Anyone else have the Game Dev version yet? If so - is it worth the punt at this price??

This includes the new Poser Pro Game Dev

All other versions of Poser are available at 50% off upgrade too - Just pick the version from Poser menu up top and then click the upgrade tab

I am thinking about getting it but with Daz3D and the Iclone suite I have it might be redundant. I like the rendering in my poser 2012 and I am intrigued by the Kinect support and the cutscenes:-)

Yip - But the big point here with Poser Game Dev is that all the 5GB content CAN BE USED commercially in your UE projects. I dont think thats the case with DAZ or ICLONE?

Poser Webinar: Introduction to Poser Pro Game Dev

CHANGES TO END USER AGREEMENT - 4mins 30 secs in - Explicitly includes all 5GB to be used in any game in any game engine

Very good point:-) I’m tempted:-)

Wow!!! i just took a look. This is a great deal. For me the upgrade will be 50% discount:-) That 5GB of royalty free stuff is cool:-)

Very temped as well :slight_smile:

Anyone tempted better buy very very soon. Offer finishes today 30/9/14

I do not have Poser 2014 so I would be buying it at full price anyway :frowning:

Do you have Poser Debut? This has come free, bundled with alot of other smith micro apps.

Did you get any free Poser product going back years that you forgot you have :smiley:

I do not - I do remember using poser at a Friends house back in the day.