New Plugin Project Plugin

Honestly wasn’t sure where else to put this, so I’ll throw it in community.

So, I’ve been doing plugin development, and it’s a huge pain. Mostly because the tools for plugin development consist of a few template projects, the woefully lacking documentation, and a well meaning but ultimately useless “good luck”. What I’m considering working on is a plugin that will assist in generating the basis of your plugin project. Instead of just copying a template plugin into your project like the plugin browser does presently, this would generate a plugin within your project with any number of specified pre defined module types, each with specified dependencies on modules already implemented in unreal, and MAYBE external precompiled or sourced libraries as well. The minimum viable product wouldn’t help you put together your editor modes, blueprint bindings or whatever you will implement in the modules (except maybe some generic comments relating to the module types), but it’d help you hit the ground running instead of languishing in the documents trying to figure out how to even begin.

My question is: Is someone not already working on something like this, or does the community want this? I’d like such a utility, but if no one else will actually make use of it or if someone is already working on this, there may be better uses of my time.