New Plugin for integration

I’ve recently created GBSNats on GitHub, which is an open source plugin for integrating Unreal Engine with It’s a work in progress, but it supports the basics.

If you’re not familiar with NATS, it’s middle-ware for messaging, including pub/sub, req/reply and a bunch of other streaming and persistent messaging paradigms.

For my game project, I’m using Go for implementing my back-end services (authentication, account management, game persistence, NPC logic, etc).

While I could have used the networking included with Unreal, it was missing some of the features I wanted (req/reply with streaming replies, persistent subscriptions, etc). NATS was a great fit, and it turns out that it wasn’t very difficult to create a plugin for it.

I figured I’d open source this and share it with everyone else, in case someone else might want to use and micro-services for their back-end.

Hey IndieZen,

We have quite an urgent need to get a windows plug-in that will allow us to communicate with a NATS server… are you available for commision work, and would you be interested?

Please respond back to me at