New Plugin for loading mesh on disk or URL!

Hi all! Thank you for reading this post. Today, i will share my plugin that i wrote yesterday for dynamic loading mesh.
Here’s some features of my plugin:

  • Load mesh by URL.
    -Load mesh on disk.
    -if Mesh contains material that contains texture map, then the texture map will be load also, and store in a struct data that can access by blueprint to dynamicaly create dynamic material and apply that material on the load mesh at runtime.
    I have a little time, so for now, the plugin only support fbx and obj as download type, but if you guy load a mesh from disk, it can read many types of mesh because i use assimp to read mesh data.
    Here is the link to my plugin and an example project:…ken=1546094727
    U can change the file name, folder path and URL to test. If u load a skeletal mesh, for example, a mixamo model, then the mesh rotation when loading done will be incorrect. U can set the procedural mesh relative rotation again to face the right direction for you.
    Happy new year !!!

File is not found.
I really want to konw how to achieve it.Can you share the plugin again?
Thank you.