NEw Plan : Modo Indie & Mari Steam Subscription

Hello all,

Yesterday , i saw new Subscription Plan on Steam :

What do you think ? I don’t know Modo so i think Modo Indie is very limited or not ? What is the difference ?


About TheFoundry Modo Indie & Mari Indie

Oh, finally MODO Indie!
It’s looks better than Maya Indie, in my opinion.

  • EULA : Commercial for-profit use allowed for individual use, or individuals of a sole-proprietorship organization where only one license of each variant is allowed
  • OBJ and FBX export limit expanded to 100k polys
  • .lxf files are encrypted and locked to an individual Steam user ID/license
  • Limited Bake and Render resolution to 4k
  • Full dynamics toolset
  • Full animation toolset
  • Full rendering toolset
  • Command eval options in the system menu disabled
  • Remove Commands, Scripts and results from Command History panel removed except Undo and History
  • Form Editor disabled **Note: this will be made available in first update
  • Form Layout added
  • Python editor and third-party script loading disabled
  • Third-party plugin loading disabled
  • Kit management options from the system menu disabled
  • Export is FBX and OBJ only
  • Can only save in .lxf format, although can still import all formats.
  • Image save formats limited to .png and .jpg, .tiff and .exr
  • Dota 2 Export functionality removed
  • Available on Mac and Win only
  • Full stock content is available for download
  • MODO Steam Plugin will only work with MODO SE and not MODO indie

:eek: very cool …

This is an agressive price ( more 50%) vs Maya

:confused: So you can not sharing with your team ?

It’s possible to have 3D navigation like Maya ?

Yes, you can use Maya navigation just like the full version of Modo. The indie version doesn’t support scripts so you won’t be able to use the Vertex Normal Toolkit!: Index

Very cool. There are a number of artists our there (Tor Frick springs instantly to mind) who use MODO exclusively, its very efficient and powerful. Just the problem of getting used to a new toolset that stops me moving (I’m too familiar with Max now).

I’m not a fan of subscriptions though generally, at some point you’ll end up paying more than you would have for buying it outright, and have to carry on going.

Want Want Want!

At the moment , no demo & you need international card if you want a subscription/month , no paypal subscription :frowning:
Wait & see

Yeah, it’s weird you can’t pay for subscrition via paypal or steam oO
You can get free trial of full version, it is with plugins, scripts and without 100k limitations, but still good :wink: It will help to understand how this software works, at least

Well you can buy the license once. There’s a 25% discount right now available untill december 18th.