New Overwatch Escort Map: Fan made in UE4 (Tombs of Palenque)

I have been working on this project for the past week or so. I am kind of obsessed with Overwatch and have been studying their level design. I figured I might try making my own level for the game just for fun and for a portfolio piece. :slight_smile:
I wanted to make a map with a history to it similar to Eichenwalde, figured tombs or ruins would be a good fit. Referenced Korriban from Star Wars a lot while trying to mold my vision for the level.

Ill probably work on it so more, I wish I could properly playtest the level. I had to rely purely on my extensive experience with the game and knowledge of each hero and their mechanics. Designing levels for Overwatch is no easy task.
Very fun project though. Will make a walkthrough soon.

If you wish to see more you can head over to my portfolio —:

Any feedback would be awesome! :slight_smile:

The art assets are not mine they are the Infinity Blade assets.