New OpenGL driver support for PI 2. Run UE4 binary?


After packaged my project to linux with arm toolchain whithout error, when i try to run it on my raspberry pi nothing happen.

I’m trying to running it on linux Raspbian or Ubuntu mate 15.10 for Raspberry Pi.

Just get the same error :

bash: ./MyProject5: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

And on file browser just a strange file is created on same folder


Could you help me?


And is there any way to interact with GPIO with a script C++ or Python?


Exec format error perhaps means that the binary was not built for ARM.

As for the interaction - I guess you can use Raspberry Pi’s GPIO C++ library.

Thanks for your answer, i will try to rebuild all the engine and my project and return to you

To compile UE4 for linux, should i select developement or developement editor?

Ok, it was really a problem with compilation. Now I’m compiling for ARM fine but I’m getting an OpenGL 3.2 error when running project. Can you tell me more?

What hardware are you trying to run on?

I’m trying to run on raspberry pi 2. Can we only run dedicated server?

Yes, dedicated server only. Running other targets requires desktop GL support (not GLES) - among ARM boards only Jetson TK1 / TX1 have that.


A new version of Raspbian is now avaible and including OpenGL support with new “VC4 Open Source Driver” for the broadcom GPU. Assuming for the moment it’s experimental, do you think it could change something?

Otherwise, some Webgl test like threejs appear to be running pretty well. Maybe a web version could run…