New Open world war simulator.

Project Title:
Working title - Project War

Each player will be a warrior from a nationality they choose. This Nationalies will be historically based, Romans, Japanese, Mongols, etc. I Ideas still new but a large open world with permanent cities for each nationality. This will have stores with weapons armor things like that. Blacksmith place to melt down items you find in the open world. Each nationality can have multiple ways to fight with different weapons and shields you can find. The map will be scared with landmarks that and help the teams like fortresses caves forests. lakes rivers. Wild animals and horses for food and to train and ride. Friends can group up and make platoons to fly a group flag with their nations. Boats for battles on the water. Find a way to use resources you can find for multiple uses. Plus a battle royal mode.


  • Open World
  • War Simulator
  • Personal customization

Team Name:
Working Title

Team Structure**:**
<Corey Baggaley><C++ Programmer><Blueprint Scripting><3D Character Artist><3D Artist><Concept Artist>

Talent Required:
<Project Manager><C++ Programmer><Blueprint Scripting><3D Character Artist><3D Artist><Concept Artist>

  • Open Minded
  • Want to make a game to change the indistry
  • We split all we get


Hello i am currently developing a similar game (quite similiar there are romans, germanic, huns mongols japanese chinese , greek, and egyptians, do you have a discord so we can talk?

Hi I am interested in your game I am 3D artist and I really like history. If are you still looking for people please respond me