New Open-World/Sandbox Game: Roam

-Roam- (Pre-Alpha Testing)

Hello There! You have found the Unreal forum for the game “Roam” by Rouge Studios. We suggest you take a look at we we’ve got. You might be interested!

Before you read, you should check out the latest update:

Update #1
We would like to thank all of the people who are checking out the thread. Due to some recent events we have taken down the job thread. It will be back around march, but until then, this is the main page for Roam. We are adding more and more content and have more and more ideas, so stay posted for more fun stuff. We are also about 1/2 way done with making our budget and some details should be posted soon.

[FONT=Arial Black]What is “Roam”

Roam is based in a coastal city in Oregon, USA. Main character Seth is revolting against a corrupt government and goes out of his way to do crazy things like robbing stores.
Roam is an open-world game where the possibilities are endless. Here are some examples of what we have so far:

-2 Different Jetpacks; one faces vertical and the other horizontal for vehicles like skateboards
-A Rocket Launcher which locks on to targets like AIs, buildings, and vehicles
-A Parachute custom made for killing enemies while floating to the ground in style
-A fully destructible environment with realistic plane crashes, falling trees, and more
-Many in-game eggs
-Rideable deer
There will be a complete list coming soon.

We currently do not have any pictures or videos, but since we are in Pre-Alpha Testing, we should release some videos of the various weapons and such very soon.

[FONT=Arial Black]How to support “Roam”
We currently do not have a funding page since we are only testing and won’t start Alpha production until late February if we get lucky.
You can volunteer to help but you will not get paid.
What volunteers can do:
-Offer information or useful tips
-Help fix a problem we are having
-Teach us how to effectively do something

We have had some recent confusion about the jobs so be sure to read very carefully to avoid any problems/ confusion
We will be on the lookout for people who could possibly end up on the “Roam” development team. You will be paid if you get a job, so we will only be choosing the best most reliable people.
Although you will be paid, the price may vary. This is because we are mostly crowd funded and might not be able to meet the exact price specified. But you will be paid. We have a cushion built in to our budget to prevent any problems. Since the game is in testing, we ask that you do not reply to this thread regarding any things about the budget, payment methods, ect. If you would like to know more about payment, then please contact us.
What jobs can do:
-Create 3D models of weapons and environments for the game
-Create blueprints
-Create GUIs for the game

We will be adding more information later as we progress throughout the year. We are hoping to start finding skilled members to help us with Roam.

This page will be updated soon so please be sure to keep checking back for more content & updates. We hope you will be as excited as we are to play “Roam”. We hope to see you soon!

-Rouge Studios