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Hi all im Developing games in Unity because its easy and dont need to know scripting [so much] but i wont to move on to high state of my games so what u all think about UE and is it good is it easy as Unity and is there addons like in Unity to make editing easyer so shell i get a hands on Unreal Engine or not and what u think about this Engine

I’m not quite understanding what you are asking.
Are you asking for a comparison between Unity and Unreal 4?

There are tons of topics on the internet covering this, from the basic, to the extreme:

Unreal is pretty easy to get into, but as a game developer, you should necessarily be looking for ‘easy’. Moreso, you should be looking for comprehensive. If you are just buying assets from a store to eventually create a Frankenstein drag and drop game, you will never have an end product you are fully happy with.

However, I am not sure what you are asking?

As far as scripting is concerned, Unity can’t do anything without it, there’s some addons you can buy that can help with that, but without that you have to code all of your gameplay.
For UE4, it has a node-based system called Blueprints that can be used instead of learning code, it’s easier for people and can do a lot, and if you want to learn coding then that’s available too.

So without coding like scripting is i can use Blueprints without creating script

Indeed, Check out Epic’s Youtube channel or my site to check it out!

I have seen some videos today and will testing it my new project that i working on unity and will import it to UE4 to see will i do good work or not but i love the power of UE4 and the Blueprint actually its similar to Unity that Blueprint. I am not coder that is why i asking is there any way to do that in UE i see there is so i will start on January to work on UE4 and see will my project get to life txn everyone for share the info :slight_smile: AAAAND i see + good community :slight_smile: i hope i will not bother in this forum to much about helping me out if i get stuck :smiley: see u around :slight_smile: Happy Dev and New year :slight_smile:

[offtopic] just to show my project before i leave Warriors of Hidrin

Don’t worry about asking questions, that’s the whole point of this forum! Feel free to post anytime, we are here to help. :slight_smile:

That’s a cool looking game so far! Would be neat to see your progress converting over to UE, if you’d like you can create a thread in the Work In Progress forum and keep us up to date on how the transition is going. Happy new year to you as well!