New New Sorpigal - Might and Magic VI-inspired RPG

Hello people,

Today I’d like to share a project I’ve been working on for the last half-year. I’ve just finished the prototype a few days ago, so I thought I could start showing it to people now.

The game this project is based on, Might and Magic VI, is an semi-open world RPG. It’s mainly defined by the idea of controlling a party of 4 characters, but in first person. Other features include switching between real-time and turn-based combat with a button press, lots of stats, skills, and spells, skill trainers to increase expertise, shops, quests, dungeons, and more. The prototype includes most of the core features fully implemented that I’d want in the final game. The prototype is playable here: New New Sorpigal by hapro

Unfortunately I am only a coder, so graphically it doesn’t look particularly good :frowning: Most of the 3d assets are from Infinity Blade or turbosquid for now. I am hoping some day I will find a talented artist who’s as big of a M&M fan as me, but we’ll see what happens. For now I will just keep focusing on features, balance, and usability.

There’s a video showcasing most of the features:

And some mediocre screenshots of art that isn’t mine:

Is this still being worked on? Always been a fan of the series, and it surprises me how little there is out there regarding fan games (or mods for non-M&M games). Tried posting about it on Celestial Heavens or Heroes Community? You might find more interested people able/willing to help.

As a huge fan of MM6-8 games I love your work. Since forum does not permit me to send/receive private messages until I hit 5 posts, would it be possible for you to contact me via email - ? I would very much like to ask you a few questions.

Thanks and best of luck with future development !