New need some informations

hello I 'm new and I come from unity3d ( with my team 3 members and soon 5 )

I am trying to understand the workflow of unreal engine
when the code / blueprint are executed?

in unity3d the code in the “before update / update / after update / on event” methods are executed for all gameobjects per frame in this order
is this this identical in unreal engine?
how can we prioritize some code / blueprint… define when they should be executed (example before or after the application of physic)
or one enemy before another…

I saw that we could make the multi thread it’s possible in the blueprint?
I am looking for an example.

I also need to know how to launch a heavy processing on several frames per second (if I understand correctly a tick is a one frame ??)
in unity it is possible to launch a heavy calculation (example to define the orders of each enemy in a zone of the one a player is seen that makes it possible to calculate the navpath for each enemy without impacting the frames per second)
How can i do this? in blueprint or only in c++ ?

last question in my team we only have 2 developers c# and we favor the use of blueprint
can we consider possible to create a game in full “blueprint” knowing that we can subsequently convert the “blueprint” c ++ ???

it’s possible my English not realy good , i’m sorry for that :stuck_out_tongue:
best regards

Blueprints are great, for small projects, or when mixed with C++.
When your project grows beyond certain size you will lose lots of time maintaining code. For eg. migrating project that has advanced blueprint code to new version sometimes breaks connections, ant then you are sol trying top find how that complicated math function was done. Or even when you change blueprint interface call, or change struct, some connections may be broken.
Sometimes you must refactor old code, doing that in blueprints is pain in da butt, one page of C++ code may take several screens in blueprints.

Imo. you cannot escape C++ in unreal. Therefore instead of switching to C++ later in development and rewriting most of game from bp to C++, you should start with C++ from beginning.
You wrote that you have 2 C# developers, unreal C++ is so heavy with epic created macros and apis, it feels almost like C#. Only reminder of C++ code are pointers and how easy is to crash everything with them.

Udemy has great C++ for unreal tutorial. Just watch it, anybody that knows some coding should easily pick it up. So get that two developers to make code in C++ and expose functions to blueprints for rest of team (which is super easy with macros provided by epic).

+1 Nawrot…

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