New Monkey Land 3D

This will be a living thread that I will update with more info as it comes but basically I’m taking my Unreal III game for iPhone and iPad and making one with Unreal 4 for console and PC hopefully! Here is what I was able to accomplish with UDK so expect a ton more features with UE4! Please give me your ideas and recommendations to make this a game you would want to play!

First Update 4/4/13 - I’m working on a Seattle themed level right now and will post pics as soon as I get it in Unreal. I’m thinking of doing a game where the Monkey Land universe collides with Seattle and Monkey must go through both worlds to save his universe. This would mean making more Monkey Land 3D style levels and making levels in a more realistic gritty tone to really show off the engines power. Thanks for checking this out! (some wip pics on my devlog)

Here is a video of the second game in the series - Monkey Land 3D Sub-Zero

Here’s a mix of both games in another music video!

A shot of the original Monkey Land 3D (this game is crazy fast on the iPhone 5c)

Title screen for Monkey Land 3D Sub-Zero

Mugen being a boss and killing demon spiders!

The viking helmet offers protection from enemies but if you get hit you lose the helmet.

Key features include:

Collect bananas to open doors and explore for more hidden treasure!

Kill all the baddies for maximum high scores!

Lots of blood and sound effects!

Don’t touch the spiked dinosaurs, they can’t be killed!

Unlockable levels make you want to find everything!

In game tutorials and tips given from the NPC’s

Monkey Land 3D is a fun game mobile game with a N64 plat-former feel and a lot of love for that style of game went into it’s design. I hope you enjoy it and leave me feedback for the next UE4 edition!

I really like the look of the game, really brings some memories of the games I used to play when I was a kid. I love the style you are going with as well. Just one suggestion, if I were you I would change the music on the video, since it is supposed to be an official gameplay video if I am not mistaken and also the game looks like it is for all ages, so pink schlongs and booty doesn’t really fit the theme. Just some feedback from my side, good luck on the project!

I got the same feeling as well, brought me back to when I played as a kid. Looks like it can be fun, good work.

Looks great, good luck with the upgrade to UE4 :slight_smile:

Hi Thazzrill, Thanks for the time to write I really appreciate anyone willing to leave feedback. I do have another video on Youtube (shown below) with a different song and even a few with songs I produced myself but the other song is limited to PC only views and not mobile (and the game is for mobile so I didn’t link that one, and you can only show one in a thread -_-) and my original music isn’t the quality that I wanted for the video if it’s the only thing any one sees of the game.

Just out of curiosity what music do you imagine when seeing this game? I ask anyone else as well, what kind of music do you hear or want for the next Monkey Land 3D?

I couldn’t really go with jungle music because I didn’t want it even sounding close to the DK games. I encourage any one playing to just turn the game music off and put on your own beats, the Sfx still come through and it’s really fun to play that way, trust me I’ve logged hundreds of hours that way and it was all better with custom music!

And lastly one reason I went with Macklemoore is I’m from Seattle and with the Seahawks going to the Superbowl and him going to the Grammys it was just a fun way to tie in my city. Again thanks for the feedback and I’d love to hear any other suggestions!

Here’s that other video

Hey. I had a project similar to this and the music was pretty good for it. I would say you do a variety of different music, like adventure music but for different level styles, maybe like jungle adventure music, the icy music. Here is the music that was on my project, but maybe not as serious.

That is epic! If this song were on the game the graphics would need a face lift to match the legendary feel but I think it would be a much better experience too. More in the tune of Zelda and it’s always epic adventure across a new world. I’ll keep the theme in mind for the next one. One thing is for sure, a pro will do all the various music for the game.

It’s crazy because I was in the middle of making a UDK ios game when the news of releasing on any system with UE4 deal was made so now my team is effectively working on two games. It’s pretty exciting because a year ago I thought it would take way longer than this to get Mugen onto consoles. Thanks for all the feedback Thazzril.

No problem, keep up the great work. :slight_smile:

This reminds me of Croc and Monkey Hero on PS1 sort of mixed together, good job :slight_smile:

Hey thanks RodenJP, I always enjoyed platforming 3D games and really wanted one on my iPhone, that’s why I originally made this! Since this new UE4 one will be for PC and maybe console it will have much better graphics capabilities and hopefully look a million times better and polished! More updates to come!