New monitor, 10Bit IPS will i see an advantage

So i have been using an acer 1080p 144hz TN panel for a good while now as i built my pc with the intention of playing games but as time has gone on i have become much more invested in 3D design, texture creation and things of that nature, it is something that i can become really invested in & i am looking to take it more seriously so i am looking at getting rid of the gaming monitor and going for something more on the productivity side of things.

So the question is will i see a discernible difference from a 24" 1080p TN panel to something like this:…/dp/B0789D843P

The specs say that it is a 10Bit panel but i havent been able to find any other 10Bit panels below like £500 so is this just a case of a low quality panel or what, i need some advice ladies and gentlemen please.

It doesn’t look like it supports HDR so there’s not much point. If you’re looking for a monitor with high color accuracy then look at the Dell Ultrasharp monitors, they’re very good.

So a TN HDR monitor is going to be better for me than something with an IPS panel? I thought that IPS screens were much more colour accurate.

A bunch of monitors that say they are HDR aren’t actually HDR (meaning you can’t play an HDR game or watch an HDR movie), you have to look up the models that are (and they’re pretty expensive)
The Dell Ultrasharp monitors are just good non-HDR monitors with very high color accuracy:

Yeah i have heard alot about Dell monitors, is there a reason they are superior to other brands, i see a lot of monitors claim 99% SRGB so does that mean they have the same coverage as this monitor or do dell monitors display said colours better.

There’s some brands that are better than others, for example Viewsonic isn’t a very good brand

Well i just recieved the dells & one of them is defective, on a blank black screen it has an orange glow through the middle of the screen & the other has a chip on the bottom of the monitor, safe to say i am getting a refund i think i will try the benq monitors.

That’s why they have a warranty

I did notice that despite adding support for 10-bit media formats in the 4.22 release, the editor still only renders in 8-bit (per channel of course).

Acer is so-so company for the production of monitors. I personally prefer the quality of ASUS. Have you tried VMDK mounting? It helps a lot, All I can say is its going to be a little difficult to get to the rootfs, as the VM builds contain a raw disk, which has 2 partitions, one for the boot partition and the other for the rootfs. Additionally, the rootfs is setup with LVM, having 2 VG’s, one for the root, and the other swap. But it’s worth it.