New modder needs assistance :)

Dear all,

I would greatly appreciate some help with a with I thought would be a very simple mod :frowning:

I have spent most of the day reading various guides on how to do it, I gave it a try for the last 5 hours and I am now at a point of complete frustration and confusion.

Currently all I am trying to do it edit the following file. ā€œPrimalItemResource_Craftableā€ and change the variable ā€œRepair Resource Requirement Multiplierā€ to 0.1 from 0.5.

Firstly I have done the following.

  1. Created a new mod folder in the mod section.
  2. Copied in the template files from GenericMod
  3. Changed the names and set the Primal Game Data to in the world settings to the my new mod version, Force load map is empty, I have tried changing Gamemode Override to the my mod version and also leaving it at none, same result.
  4. I copy over the PrimalItemResource_Craftable file to my mod folder and make the required variable change
  5. I press play and give it a test, ofc it does not work. Repair costs are still 50% instead of 10%

I read about references, but tbh I have no idea how they work and how I can change references and what I should even change them to? In the end once working I would upload it to steam and then put it on my private server.

Any help would be amazing!


The issue is that every item is still parented to the previous PrimalItemResource_Craftable.
At the moment there is no way to modify existing in-game items without creating your own versions of them.
This means if you wished to reduce the repair cost, you would need to copy over every structure / item you wanted to have the reduced repair cost and either re-parent them to use your version, or modify their repair costs individually.
This would also mean creating all the essential blueprints for custom items such as EngramEntrys and PrimalItem BPs.

If Iā€™m wrong someone please correct me.

Thank you very much indeed! It is not as simple as I first thought then :slight_smile: