New Modder need help.


I have a problem with my mod. the only stuff it should do is increase the level of the wyvern on ragnarok. i try it with the NPCMin/MaxLevelOffset at the SE_DinoSpawnEntriesWyvern but it wont work if i test it on singelplayer. the wyverns spawns at the difficulty settings and i dont know why. i change the NPC Remap at the PrimalGameData_BP and Override the Prime Game Data in the world settings. so what im doing wrong pls help me.

sry for my bad english.

You must search for the right spawn entry, in the Island give some spawn entrys like GrassLand and more you must find the entry who your Wyvern spawn entry is insert and insert your new entry in the region entry to spawn. Than you must remap this spawn entry in the PrimalGameData. Than you wyvern like to spawn if you dont use the OverrideLevelConfig on your server or single player it must be the standard value 1.

ok i got it