New modder looking to peddle some sweet sweet drugs.

To begin I have watched some of the tutorial videos so I have a slight grasp on what to do, but I’m not really getting all of the info I need. I am looking to make,

1 crafting structure (preferably slows the degradation of mats down inside of it and even more so if powered.)
1 Hunger inducing pill
12 Narcotics
12 Tranq Arrows
12 Tranq Darts
12 Tranq Harpoons

Basically I want to make IR, ER, and regular versions of 4 new tranqs and the ammunition to slather them on. Immediate Release (using Titanoboa Venom) hits harder upfront but sends the creature into a seething rage and increases their speed; Extended Release (using silica pearls) takes way longer but is by far the most material cost efficient at the expense of time; and their regular versions of 2x(amar), 4x(tinto), 7x(mejo), and 12x(azul). Basically I’m looking for some guidance on what would be the easiest way to properly do this; and if I could learn how to change the color of things in the Dev Kit, that would be great too.