New modder looking for help please

I am trying to create a “simple” NPC character, I tried the long route at first to use all blueprints human but after many cooks and fails i decided a new approach. So now i’m trying to simply change the skeleton, skeletal mesh and Animation BP’s of an already existing Dino. In this case I’m trying to use the Bigfoot character. so basically what i did was i took all the BP’s needed to spawn Bigfoot and once it was a success i tried to just change the skeletal mesh and Animation BP’s to human and what happens when i play it in editor is they spawn in, they have the human mesh and they move around but their body parts don’t move. I’ve tried changing the animation BP’s around but still no progress. If you have any knowledge on this, or feel like tinkering with it and if you find anything I would be so appreciative.