New Mobile Game - (endless runner) -Codename Nathan


With the completion of 2 mobile games both targeted for IOS and Android i am working on a 3rd title.

Work on it started today.
Its been a slow day. So far i am still busy with the main character. Which is a truck. No logic has been done yet.
This will be an endless runner.

Progress on truck

Finally unwrapped. Not used to doing hard surface models. Vert count is 1957.
Should be good for mobile.

Happy with the UV’s. Will do texture tomorrow.




Took me all day to make it drive. Without the trailer. 6 wheels working. Will tackle the trailer solution tomorrow.
Game logic should go quick once i get to grips with the vehicle stuff. Have to fake 2 wheels. Trailer is gonna be interesting

“Shark in Transport” ?
but i dont see shark in the truck :smiley:

The shark is coming soon. Truck trailer is working now.
So going to start with the actual gameplay of procedural generating the level. Oh ****. I need to make art for that :confused:

Progress has been very slow. For hours i troubleshooted some issue with the friction not working correctly. Its an on/off affair. Due to not wanting to spend more than 5 days with this excluding the days it took me to learn how to make vehicles i decided to move on.

Took me some time to get the basics done.
Truck is controlling itself, always aiming fwd depending which lane it is in. For example in the left lane it moves fwd in the left lane, if in the right lane it moves fwd in the right lane.
Touch the screen and it changes lanes.
Road segments are deleted behind you as to not waste resources, and then new segments are spawned in the front.
When a road segment is spawned it randomizes the locations of objects like rocks and plants. Basic scenery only.

The next step is to create other cars on the road that you need to avoid.
Then implement what happens if you crash into them and also those cars AI. Based on which direction they are going. And they also need to avoid other cars.

Once that is done the rest should be a walk in the park.
Will upload a video once i reached the next milestone.

Going slower than anticipated.
Struggled hours with a loop bug that was solved on another thread.

Finally started work on shark. Must then do the driver of the truck.

494 verts

Car i did for the game. Changes color when its spawned to create some variation.
690 verts


Got the crash logic, and animations done and working in game.
Just need to add a driver in the seat. Shark lands perfectly on target

Screenshot from paused frame in game

I can’t wait to see some gameplay footage with that shark in the truck. Looks good so far

Sigh. Still got so much to do. Deadline is tonight :confused:

Didnt get to finish today. Completely forgot to make sound for the game. Hate making sound.
Modified the overall look of the game. Explosions were replaced with cartoony stuff. Modified textures to create a cleaner cartoonier feel.
Faked the shadows via using static meshes with spring arms, creating the illusion of shadows. But in fact there are no shadows. Just tranclucent materials. Cheaper to render than dynamic shadows. And i cant bake shadows on procedural generated levels.


So yes that was meant to be a 5 day exercise but clearly i underestimated a lot of things. And i took it pretty easy over the weekend having lacked some sleep.

Now to the game.
I wanted to create a out of control feeling vehicle. So after some fine tuning i managed to create a feel where you really do feel out of control.
As a added bonus at times the vehicle will actually go off the screen, taunting you… then come back to drive on.

Coins will at a later stage become ingame currency to upgrade your bumper. But for now due to deadlines i need to get this out on the appstore and google play.
I am pretty happy with how things turned out.

Here is a gameplay vid. At the end you can see the new camera for the shark action.
There are some things oustanding.

Leaderboards, saving and well… a few HUD elements and menu elements. Nothing major. Should wrap this up tomorrow.
Currently on iphone 5 i get way above 60fps. Think my optimizations, fake shadows and no shadow maps really helped.