New MMO Game

Project Name: Still a W.I.P

Game Information: This is gonna be a Online MMO Game. There will be three classes to pick from and will be adding more at some point and the player gets to pick there own user for there character and then starters at lvl 1 and they get to quest either alone or with a friend by looking for a npc to give a quest and you can get amazing rewards like gear or potions. And the player will be able to fight other things along the way of there adventure and get some dropped items from them.


  • Inevntory, Character Display (For Gear And Items)
  • Looting & Mob Looting.
  • Questing
  • Chatting & Guild Chat

That is just a bit of what you will be able to do in the game. And more features like mounts & pets will be added.

Team Structure

Dominic Futia (Project Creator)
Project Manager.

Previous Work: N/A

Talent Needed For Project

  • Programers

  • Character Designers (Making the artwork of what they look like)

  • Weapon & icon designer (Make the weapon artwork and what the icon of abilitys look like)

  • Networker/Database person? (Some one who can help make the game become online so people can play from different computers if that’s what this means)

  • World/Map Designer

  • 3D Animator

  • 2D Animator (If Neede)

  • Launcher Programers (Change the game launcher when you open the game and update the launcher every time theres an update so news or updates and even the picture background)

  • GUI Maker (Change the title ane names of the login screen and other things)


Email -
Skype - TurtleBuddyMoonkin or TurtleBuddy Moonkin

P.S So I have never made a project team so I don’t know what things ill be needing so I kinda came up with a few rolls my self but if you know more then me which probally you do I maybe a Co-ProjectManager???

You’re going to be in over your head.

There are industry terms for all of these positions, and here you either don’t use them- or if you do, then you also feel the need to provide a short description. Or, you aren’t even sure if you need them.

Another concern is- What are you doing for this project? Are you just the manager? Do you also program, or make art? You sound really clueless.

If you even find people to work with (unpaid MMO and all), the first thing you’ll want to do is fix this next bit.

If you don’t have a full feature list/scope then you’ll have an extremely hard time of actually getting to pre-alpha (let alone the rest of dev).

Oh, and.

We know.

My advice?

The people who contact you - get them together into a small team and start small. Maybe participate in some game jams together. Don’t be discouraged by my pessimistic tone here, but you really do need a lot more before you really have a shot at an MMO. If nobody contacts you, or they won’t stick around for the smaller stuff- move on. Find teammates who are around your skill level. Above all, make sure the team is balanced with each other.

Why do y’all always start with an MMO? Why MMO?