New Metadata Search plugin, looking for feedback

Hello everyone!
We are in the process of creating our first marketplace offering.

It’s a plugin designed to help manage large assets with metadata, primarily designed for datasmith assets coming from Revit, 3dsmax etc. But, should work with anything that has metadata (asset user data) on it.

Core of the plugin is async C++ functions exposed to blueprint. We are using async threads to allow excellent performance when searching and filtering objects in scenes with 50.000+ actors.

Since these are not done on the game thread it does not freeze or slow the editor or game down at all while searching.

On top of this we have built a UI, both for the editor and runtime:
Editor UI:

Runtime UI:

We have thought of 3 use cases for this so far:
-Use the provided Editor UI as a tool to search, filter and select objects. when working with your own large assets (Archviz for ex.)
-Use the provided blueprint nodes to build your own tools for the editor
-Use the blueprint nodes and UI example to build your own runtime application on top off.

Now we would like some feedback from the community to see if our thinking is correct.
-Is this at all useful to you?
-How would you imagine using this? Editor, runtime, blueprint?
-Any features that are missing that you would like?
-Would you buy this on the marketplace? What is a reasonable price?

Hoping to get a good discussion going so we can provide something the community wants. Thanks! :slight_smile:


I am a new user but find the tool handy. One thing I would like to have is the ability to modify the metadata hierarchy window to display only select metadata vs. all metadata. One might select “geometry” or “color” or some such. Maybe the tool already does this, and I just haven’t found the option? Thank you for making your tool available.