New Material from a texture causes a overlap in Blueprint creation (Super Minor)

This is a very small bug not that big but might as well report this as this looks like the case in which they’d be able to fix the bug easily. (Sorry if this was posted but didn’t find any results on the search of it or its been fixed in the next update)

Anyway it seems when you go and create a New Material in Blueprints it’ll automatically assign them into the same place in the blueprint overlapping each other. Posted this thinking this also might be effecting other blueprint creations could start the default overlap.

Picture of the creation of new materials for overlapping;

Edit forgot to the post the extra information;
Branch: Binary
Build version: 4.2.1

Reproduce by the following;

  1. Import a Texture
  2. Right-click and “Create Material”
  3. Open new Material and it’ll overlap the two

Hey S0T0 -

Thank you for your report I have passed it along to our developers.

Eric Ketchum