New map - Problems when lanching server - character creation - spectator only.

So creating a new high detailed map which i’ve been trying to upload to steam so that i can test and continue updating it for others to use,
but i’m stuck at the simple point of only being able to play as a spectator and flying around my map in its current state.

I know it has something to do with my Spawn points but i cant seem to figure out how to edit it so that when you start up the server it goes to the character creation menu so that you can then spawn in at one of the locations.

I don’t work with maps at all currently, but I believe that you don’t have your Game Mode Over-ride setup or you have it setup incorrectly. By default you should be using the exact same game mode type (unless you want to drastically alter your map’s functionality, which I do not recommend if you are currently experiencing issues) as TheIsland. The only reason I can see for the players being spawned in as a flying character (default UE4 character pawn has these traits) is this.