New map of our galaxy

Why wasn’t I visible in it ? :wink:

Maybe you were cloaked at the time )

No that cannot be possible at all . Look my house is like just 15 min. walk from the galaxy . Just take a right turn,then a left and then a right and U will reach my home. Try it . You are always welcomed :cool:

You could write a hitchhiker’s guide … :slight_smile:

Yes a story starting with my current location . Actually I am scientifically true . We are at the edge of the galaxy . The eye is like more than 100’s of light years away from us .

Yup that galaxy thing is pretty big.

Totally unexplored . But we surely would need to colonize other planets sooner or later as our resources I cannot consider/see them to exponentially rise as our population is doing.

Where is the plane of our flat Earth in this???

:wink: Just kidding. Us Earthlings are working on games with the expanse to explore the unexplored, while our galaxies are exactly that; unexplored.

This. This makes me wish No Mans’ Sky was released as it was shown to be.

This looks absolutely amazing!