Hi there!
I wanted to share my latest Project in collaboration with the talented musician Ricky Leroy Brown.

After I finished the first Teaser of my game CAONA in UE5, I wanted to battle-test my virtual production pipeline I have developed so far. This music video was an excellent opportunity to find out where the weaknesses were. The most significant points were Body and Facial mocap.

This was also a good opportunity to learn and try out Hair Grooms and the new Niagara fluids system.

It has its flaws, but I’m happy with the results.



Greetings, @Rising_Flavour; I hope you’re doing well. I remember seeing the game teaser trailer for “CAONA” and being absolutely blown away! Now you’ve returned with another beautiful creation to share with us, “New Man New Jam,” and it is the jam! Brilliant animation, visuals, and cinematography mixed with Mr. Rickey Leroy Brown’s soothing vocals made this a fantastic music video! :star_struck:


Hey @Zezkaii, thank you very much! The process of making a Virtual Ricky was a great experience with many funny moments. :smiley:

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A little summary of the process:


I can definitely see how this project was fun; I laughed a few times from this summary video alone. :laughing:

Are you going to continue your collaboration with Mr. Ricky and make more music videos? Either way, I’m excited to see what you produce next! :grin:

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Salutations @Rising_Flavour !

New Man, New Jam is such a fun-loving music video! What was there not to love? The music, the vocals, the visual effects, the smoothness of the movements, the camera work, the color palette - all were great contributions to the embodiment, the personality, the glow, and the sexiness of Ricky Leroy Brown.

The texture of Ricky’s jacket is impressive, as well as how the jacket reflects the lighting.

And don’t worry about any flaws or limitations, just Push It! Push It! until you get it right! :wink:

Thank you for sharing this well-produced and fabulous video! It lifted my spirits, and I went to search for more Ricky Leroy Brown music!

In battle-testing your virtual production pipeline, was there anything that you had to change? If so, what was it? Could you re-use this template to produce more cinematics/music videos?


Glad you enjoyed the summery :laughing:
Ricky and I often work together, and there might be another UE music video in the future. Hopefully, on a bigger scale!


Hi @Get_DOVAH_it , thank you very much, really appreciate it!

I’m glad to hear I could communicate his personality to the audience!

To your questions:

What was changed about my Pipeline?

Mostly on how to process recorded Mocap data before moving to a DCC, Maya in my case.
Meaning: I’m spending more time in the Mocap software and ensuring the processing is as clean as possible before exporting it.

What still needs to change is the way how I Rig my Characters. They work great with UEs Humanoid system but could be better when retargeting in Maya (I guess my lack of expertise in animation is the culprit here, not the Tool).

I’m still figuring out what my retargeting workflow should look like. It needs to be more streamlined and generally faster. I’m looking into Houdini and their KineFX solution for this.

Can I use my template to produce more cinematics?
If the Characters are Humanoid, absolutely.


Well, I certainly hope things work out to where we can see another beautiful collaboration between you and Mr. Ricky sooner rather than later! Happy Monday! :partying_face: