New, Looking for some general advise on a project.

So i am fairly new to unreal, like very new. Currently I’m working on making a simple golf game with physics, trajectory, and what not. I’m just seeking help on finding my next couple steps (just need a general outline, not hard detail {well unless you want to help more :slight_smile: }). At this point I built the player blueprint to simply have movement and camera movement. Where i need help is the next step, teeing up. I want to make a Tee box that allows you to tee up a ball ONLY in that area (avoid having Teeing up a command a player can pull anywhere). My guess is i would make the Tee Box its own blueprint instead of just throwing in assets that look like one. Would i just give the tee box some sort of overlap that allows a player to only tee then? If so how would i pull from that overlap, use an interface? Bottom Line: I have a player and would like to allow the player to Tee up with the ball (moving the character to the side of the ball but keep player camera in position) and spawn said ball into the world with the action of teeing up.

I know the organization to my question is a mess but ive found a new love for logic and problem solving through UE4 and would like to avoid as many energy draining hang ups as possible.

P.S. Any advise for improvement would be welcomed to. How did you develop the skill? What are some common mistakes to avoid early? What did you notice helped you improve the most? Etc…

Thank you all :slight_smile: