New level grid is not viewable

When I click New empty level I expect to see the same result as the screenshots show ie a gridded perspective rectangle with a broad vertical stripe in the middle. Instead I get a black screen. What do I have to do to get the same image as in the docs?

You probably need a light source. I always just pick default, no starter content, and delete the floor/plane, and atmospheric fog… That will give you the minimum you need to see and work without a bunch of junk.

I was just following the tutorial It said use a blank. So I did. But tell me, I had to wait several days to get this post approved and even then it didn’t show up and i had to make another post before I was given a link. Is this normally the way they do things here? I am a beginner and I may have a lot of questions but I will give up in disgust if I have to wait for every single post to be approved. The reason is that if I have to wait several days to get an answer, I’ll have forgotten where I am! I notice you are plagued by hackers and that may be the reason for being over cautious but it is still frustrating. Are there any other forums that have unreal sections? I googled but couldn’t find any. Thanks by the way for answering my post!

One Way is, put one cube on viewport, so set it position to (0,0,0), and press “F” (On World Outliner Window, the cube need to be selected. This way you will navigate to (0,0,0) and so the grid will be visible. Well, but by menu to create a new Level (File | New Level | Empty Level), your position you will be on position that is possible to see the grid too. I think a good idea the developers to do the same to next versions when we create by right click, where the grid is very far and not visible.