New Level GONE after restart

Hey Unreal Community!

I just started working on my first new project. I started the engine and began to design my level. I saved it multiple times to the auto-directed folder.

I tried to export it as a test as an .exe-file, which worked… but it just displayed the standart, 3rd-person intro level to me.

So I wanted to start up the engine again, moved my Project file back into the folder it came from (I moved it to the desktop before) and tried to start it. However, the project wasn’t even shown in the library. I went and looked for the folder it was saved to and where I just moved my project file into… nothing.

I can’t open my old project, I can’t open my level, and the whole thing doesn’t want to properly export.

What can I do? It would be a shame if all my progress would be lost just like that.

So just that I understand it right -> in your project folder you cant find a uproject file, because you have moved it to another position and now it wont work when you try to open it from that position?
Because normally you just have to open your project folder + do a double click on the uproject file -> now it will start the engine.

When you want to change the startup map, go to project settings - maps and modes - change it :slight_smile:

The uproject file didn’t exist anymore after I changed one file. It seems the engine somehow deleted it.

It seems I have to recreate what I did so far. Bummer, but most likely nothing I can do about it. Teaches me not to mess with the files.

Which file have you changed? + you can still use your old content -> just copy the content folder and paste it into another project :slight_smile:

I moved the executable for my project out of the project folder and then deleted the rest, as I was sure I saved all I needed. Which wasn’t really smart, as there’s more than just a single file in a project.

After trying out this and that, I came to the conclusion that it was entirely my fault for the level loss. At least I wasn’t that far into the design and can restart. Better to learn it sooner than later.

Yep, then there is no way to restore it :frowning: