New level dialog not happening

Very new to this. When I try to follow this tutorial:

and I use Content Browser > Add New > Level, the “New Level” dialog doesn’t appear. I get a black viewport. If I move around a bit I can bring the grid into view. Is this normal in 4.10? Is the tutorial just old or wrong, or is there something wrong with my editor?

Looking at other posts I found that it’s possible to make the dialog appear by adding a new level from the File menu instead of the Content Browser, but I wonder what’s going on when I try to do it through the Content Browser? Am I just getting a “blank” level without having the opportunity to choose a “default” one, or is something else happening?


You are correct that adding the new level through the Content Browser is just giving you a blank level. If you want the new level dialog to appear, you’ll have to use File->New Level, as you suggested. Some of the tutorials in the documentation will be a bit out-of-date in terms of the interface that you’re seeing, although the actual functionality will remain the same.

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Thank you, !