New launcher, no where to download or install SDK's any more?

Perhaps i cannot see it, but say for example i want to install the Squad SDK, i cannot.
I go into the store, and it says “owned” to specify that i “own” it, but there is no way to install or launch it?!? O_o

Please tell me im just being blind!


That “Owned” button is meant to convert to an “Install” button.

First I’d recommend logging out, and fully exiting the launcher (make sure that it exits, and doesn’t just minimize to the system tray)

Once you restart and log back in, if the issue still persists, please contact our launcher/store support team - Epic Games Technical Support & Customer Service | Epic Games

Thank you, just created a ticket!

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hello Gozu. Do you have any answer about your Question ?

Hey, funny thing that, it just magically started working after a few days.

So never got an answer, and it just started working, so never followed it up.

Was probably some wacky cache thing…