New Launcher ಠ_ಠ

Hi Godling,

We’re aware of the issue you described and we’re working on a fix for it. Sorry for the inconvenience!

-Max B.

Love the new launcher Huge improvement and love the new icon!! Thx guys!

it’s me or server are busy, love to donwloading at 10ko/s :smiley:
Very good new , thank Epic

You folks rule, as always. Now gimme Sequencer damnit. lol :wink:


Overall, i like Unreal Engine very much.
But Launcher… Well, here is some feedback :slight_smile:

  • The launcher does not remember it’s last size, location and opened tab
  • There is no search in the Marketplace tab (or may be i could not find it?)
  • Majority of the buttons\links are just to open unreal website or some other places, so the Launcher itself seem to have no real function, but to manage content in Vault and browse Marketplace. May be it would be good to concentrate launcher user experience around those two things?

And the main issue, is there is no option to launch the Editor without it.
Most of the time i just want to pick a project from Project Browser and dive into development. But, there is now way to do that - even if you launch the Editor directly, it will forcibly lauch the Launcher (:confused:), which is very frustrating.

is anyone else having problems with the new launcher not working properly?

Darnit, I was so going to post a huge suggestion suggesting a launcher redesign that unifies the brand art direction! Your designers beat me to it. That said, it’s absolutely gorgeous, your designers should be proud, even small things like a launcher do a lot to convey your brand!

I don’t know if this is already planned or not, but a Search dialog would be nice (upper right corner perhaps), especially in the Marketplace and the Library screens.

Else, +1 on the new Launcher, resizable window and responsive content, welcome to 2015, Epic! :slight_smile:


Please make the launcher icon blue again. I have literally clicked on the new black Epic icon every single time I’ve tried to click on the Engine.

Just tried the new launcher, love it so far!
But there seems to be something with the servers, downloading speed makes me remember good old 56k modem days!

P.S. The new icon is great by the way! :stuck_out_tongue:

The new launcher is dangerously sexy!

The only thing that bothers me is when you’re… let’s say browsing the marketplace content. The home button is not pinned on the top of the screen. So when you want to go back keep browsing other content, you have to scroll back to the top and click “home”.

And when you’re looking through a lot of marketplace content it gets a little annoying.

But da*n… the interface design is so sexy and awesome…

Hey Steve. Can you clarify exactly what problems you’re having?

The best part about new launcher, is the fact that it takes only 120MB of ram, instead of 2GB :D.

So far so good. I don’t care too much about the launcher to be honest, but improvements are always a good thing.

Hey Epic,

One small thing is missing from the Launcher window in the lower right corner, perhaps it could be added in, for the sake of UX.




I do not like the new icon D: feels like they’re promoting various Epic products (if that makes sense) when this is just UE4 and the previous blue ( I love blue) icon represented it and looked perfect for the launcher and engine, the new one is just meh to me and I wish I at least had the option to pick what icon I desire :confused:

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^THIS MAN JUST CREATED AN ACCOUNT TO POST THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I’m in the same camp

Envision the sleek and sexy “U” next to two other icons - Photoshop (Ps) and Maya (dragon icon)

The G in “Games” is cut off for christsake!

I actually had the account earlier haha but this is the first time I post since I started using UE4 awhile ago :stuck_out_tongue:

I do agree with the above, although not as… passionately :stuck_out_tongue: I think the Epic Games logo makes more sense as there’s UT stuff in there, and it’s even got it’s own full screen tab now, but I was more partial to the Blue U logo.

Still no “Browse” button when you want to add an asset in the Vault to a Project.