New Kid on the Block...

Saw that Udemy had a course on UE4 like 95%, it lead me to UE4 and the fact the software itself is free, anyways.

So, I wanted to stop by and say hi to the community. The examples I’ve seen around do seem pretty top-notch, this is all possible through this engine? Can it only do games that look like Last of Us, or is there a range of flexibility? For example, would I be able to create an RTS Age of Empires styled game? Sort-of-turn-based Knights of the Old Republic styled game? 2.5D Half-Genie Hero? Ocarina of Time RPG? Can I produce shaders ranging from realistic Destiny to comic-styled Borderlands to cel-shaded Wind Waker?

(My hello is apparently a barrage of questions.) It’d be cool to get some insight from experienced users. Some advice, some links, just general encouragement. Since I was a single-digit age, I’ve had a passion for creativity; I’ve just never had much of an outlet and toolset to make dreams a reality.

The questions you ask all can be answered as “Yes you can.” Real question is “How?” and that’s something you will need to figure out yourself for 95% of the way. Note that working alone in a game can be really hard on one’s soul.