New Kickstarter project: Stalker: Apocalypse

West Games are known for Kickstarter projects. And now, they have their new game which is Stalker: Apocalypse. I have doubt on this because they said that they’re utilizing Unreal Engine 4 for their game. In fact, their Kickstarter project are suspended due to suspicious activity.

To Epic Games, do you authorized West Games to utilize Unreal Engine 4? This is very doubtious. In fact, I don’t believe on what they are saying. “From the former GSC members…” I have doubt on this.

What’s in your mind as you read this? Does Epic Games authorized West games to utilize UE4 for their “STALKER: Apocalypse?” I want an answer from the Epic Games itself and to the people here.

For me, this is a fraud.

Doesn’t have anything to do with Epic, it’s very easy for people to pay for an UE4 subscription so it’s likely that they have a subscription though it would be per person and not a specific company. And that’s regardless of what project they’re working on.
But, they should definitely remove the Epic Games logo from their page

Not these guys again, I thought they would wait longer than 5 months after what happened to Areal

At least their funding goal is somewhat realistic this time, but still… too sketchy for my money

EDIT: Lol… is a kickstarter-like website created by the guy who runs West Games, except you don’t get your money back if they don’t reach their goal!!! You only get it back if the project is cancelled before the end of the campaign… Seriously do some research on these guys if you have any plans to to pledge, that goes for any crowdfunding project of course but this one is in a class of it’s own.

Generally everyone who pays for the engine is “authorized” to use it, though Epic definitely has a say in using their logos/trademarks to promote a product. Which in this case should be considered to not allow them to do so.
A good overview article:

And btw. the thread title you chose is uninformative nonsense. When browsing the forum only a few people will look at a “hey Guys” thread. Why not choose a title that conveys the content of the thread?

Yeah very sad that these lowlife creatures are killing the trust in all projects of that kind… I’ve played enough DotA 2, to know never trust Russians… can’t tell if they’re Ukrainian or whatever, but… meh, it screams… “SCAM”

Great, I’ll get started on my new ‘Battlefield’ game then, since it’s a common word too… no way EA lawyers could get that shut down.

Yes - they’re a complete scam, and Epic should ask they remove their logo (not that they’d comply - they don’t seem like the type).

You can use it if you sign a trademark agreement with them after accepting some terms of use about their logo. I don’t think it applies to the Epic Games logo though.

Get out of here stalker!