New items ingame

So how exactly do I add my item into the game if this is to basic of a question feel free to direct me elsewhere to ask it I am wanting to add in some new weapons, tools, armors ect… but I am a little stumped How to make a map is very clear cut and quite fun but how to add a single asset and make it usable in game is confusing me.

This is not yet supported in v184.00 but will be in v185.

As Feyh said, it’s currently not supported in v184, BUT however you can still make them ahead of time and kind of test them (if its a consumable it won’t be able to be consumed till next patch if its custom). As for the actual adding the item in process, it’s quite simple if you know where to look, which would be PrimalGameData_BP. If you open that up and edit it there is a master item list to which you can just simply add in new blueprints or choose from a list of currently existing ones. Hope this helps :smiley:

Thanks sinarisinestro, I’ve just made some blueprints for harvesting a custom type of berry and now it works, but I don’t like the idea of messing with such an important core BP just to add my crappy items.

Hope this will fixed on 185 :slight_smile: