New iPhone SE Engine Compatibility Problem

I know I am in 4.24 and not 4.25 but I have followed the following thread here: iPhone SE 2020 not supported yet? - Mobile Development - Unreal Engine Forums

And added the code in to manually support the new iPhone SE. So now, my app can launch without crashing but the resolution is jacked up. All my UI looks terrible, buttons overlapping each other, text is blurry. Outside of the UI, the entire game looks blurry and stretched.

There has got to be a problem with engine settings that can fix this. When I open a widget UI and select the 1334x750 viewport preview my widgets look fine, so its strictly a problem with this new iPhone. Any help appreciated!

As per usual I have such odd specific questions that nobody seems to have an answer.

I have dove into this issue and produced 5 packaged builds until I got everything working on the SE. As well as following the instructions in the thread posted originally, you need to add a custom device profile to your engines “BaseDeviceProfiles” file in engine → config. You need to add IPhoneSE2 to both the list of devices and add in a custom profile at the bottom. I copied the old iPhone SE’s profile and just renamed it.